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My 1959 Dexta

I needed a mid-size utility tractor.

-I wanted diesel
-I wanted live PTO
-I wanted creeper gears
-I wanted an old tractor

When I saw an add for a "cheap 1959 DEXTRA with live PTO", I had to go look!

First 1959 is the same year I was born, and second, I wanted a rebuild project.

I was not disappointed. It was in dire need of rebuild. With somewhere between 7-10K hours, this thing was wore out. The engine barely ran, the steering loose, leaking rear axles, hydraulics that randomly worked to top height. For a rebuild project--I was to be challenged. I'm still working on her. But I use her and pull her hard!

My Website Purpose
In this site, my repairs and upgrades will be discussed. I will provide pictures and repair procedures, and tell you where I found the parts, all which is part of the fun in owning an antique Fordson Dexta.

I bought this tractor to use and work, it's not a garage show-piece.
It's been worked hard and worn loose for over 40 years.
I will tighten it up and run it on!
She'll be like new when I get finished.
DEXTAs just don't die.

Welcome To My Home Page
Disclaimer- this site will tell the story of my "Baby."

This site won't address Fordson history or talk about other models. Fordson Dexta only!

I think other sites do trivia, history and other models superbly well.



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